Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rihanna not in Black...Good look...

Project Runway: So Leanne WINS IT!! What do YOU think?

Leanne WON! I'm not sure how I feel abuot that. She defnitely had a point of view and a very distinct look that she was able to incorporate into different types of peices (pants, skirts, dresses, shorts) and still be versatile with....but how many things can she do with her "petal" (elephant ear) look?? I'm interested in seeing how/if she evolves. I didnt LOVE or hate any of them. Each person had something that I liked...but no one I was 100% gung ho about.

Here's on of my fave Kenley looks

My fave Korto look (i agreed with the judges on this one)

WELL...UNTIL next season guys....
I'll now be moving on to Housewives of ATL...oh and finishing up the Rachel Zoe Project...

MEMORIES of working with one of the BEST: B.I.G.

D.Dot, Sean C and LV talk about working with B.I.G.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So Christina Milian is Baaaack

MySpace Tom & Christina Milian @ Power 106 Big Boys Neighborhood

One thing I will say about Christina Millian is that she always looks INCREDIBLE. She is in the most amazing shape. She has that part of it if the music would match the rest of the package she'd be good to go. I like the new single a lot. I think this may do it for her...
I think its hilarious that TOM is the face of a record label. Will he be in the video?? doing some type of dance??...Diddy watch out....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Janet & her CLs.

Friends, Family, and everyone else who reads this wonderful blog of ours,
If you know me then you know i'm a Janet fan BUT I think today i'm declaring that i'm a bigger fan of her SHOES, LOL! If you saw the Tyra show then you can recall Ms.Jackson saying "Christian sent me these" ... this woman has some incredible shoes on! Lets give it the proper love...ENJOY!