Saturday, June 7, 2008

Michelle Obama's fashion sense is being noticed!

The New York times has a piece on Michele Obama's fashion choices. Apparently they are getting high ratings! I do like that she has a sense of style and knows what is flattering to her. I like that she is not afraid to wear bold colors. Just because you're married to a politician doesnt mean you have to look like you're in a time warp or look like someone's old aunt.


She is a true LIONESS! (no, not khia)

Porsche Foxx is a GEEEEEE.
Some serious quotables... "shut her mic off" "ok, i can turn your mic back on" "khia, you a hot mess" "khia, i had to shut your mic off" "i was trying to help her" "you almost need ritalin"

As a jock it's difficult to know what to expect when you are doing an interview and Porsche is so in control. I love it! Khia is such a disaster!

British Lioness

New video from Estelle (American Boy) .. she has some features from Kardinal, Amanda Diva, Kelly Rowland, Christian Siriano (pr0ject runway)


internet beef.

The other night i checked out a video post from JD (Jermaine Dupri) talking about "The DJ is Dead" and many of his points were REAL. Suddenly I get an email today asking if I saw Greg Street's (DJ/Jock on V103 Atlanta) post about Jermaine. Here are both... Let me know your thoughts.

JD's thoughts:

Greg Street's thoughts:

Friday, June 6, 2008

Says It All

So, the HOOK got me!! Why is This my Joint??? I actually like this Plies record...

I've been humming it all day...

I don't know about the nickname "Wet Wet"...but um yeah check this vid...


SuPeRNaTuRaL [FuLL SoNg] - CiaRa

I say the VID should be Ciara and Luda's swagger drenched version of Phantom of the Opera...
the swagger on this is sick...she is like...I'm THAT ISH, AAAND WHAT!!!

ciara - high pricefeat ludacris.wav - Ciara

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Youtube signing- a POTENTIAL LIONESS

Mr So So Def, Jermaine Dupri, signed an act he found on Youtube. Her name is Dondria a.k.a Phatfffat. Let me know your thoughts. This will be an interesting project to watch since it's all being documented on youtube. Check out one of the clips...

human nature

watch how no one helps a poor guy who was a victim of a hit and run.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

She's going on tour!

Ms Jackson is going on tour for the first time in YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS. Here's the schedule

September 10, 2008 GM Place Vancouver, BC View Tickets
September 19, 2008 Friday 8:00 PM Mandalay Bay Hotel Events Center Las Vegas, NV
September 27, 2008 Palace Of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, MI
September 28, 2008 Sunday 7:30 PM Air Canada Centre Toronto, ON
September 29, 2008 Bell Centre Montreal, QC
October 2, 2008 Thursday 8:00 PM Wachovia Center Philadelphia, PA
October 15, 2008 Verizon Center-DC Washington, DC
October 17, 2008 Izod Center East Rutherford, NJ
October 22, 2008 American Airlines Center-TX Dallas, TX

Here's a remix that JD put out w/ Ms Janet on the Plies/Ne-Yo joint that samples her song "come back to me"


This diva has an album coming in september and this is her new single... I like!
Spotlight- written by Ne-Yo, produced by StarGate

Spotlight (FuLL) - Jennifer Hudson

B's younger sis...

Solange may always be "Beyonce's younger sister" but she got herself a hot video. I don't necessarily think SHE knows how to really pull this song off but shout out to director Ms. Melina for killin it!

RECAP of my night...I was on a mini-tour...had a BLAST!!!

So my night started with an exclusive viewing of prolific producer Dallas Austin's showcase where he presented his artists Novel, Colin Munroe and Rama Duke through visual imagery which followed a story line. It was FIRE! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Dallas brought the viewer into the truly did have the "Dallas Austin Experience" (as he called it)...

Sylvia Rhone was there to give Dallas props on his career

AS I said yesterday, I went to see Mateo perform which was really dope. This was my second time. The pics are a little hazy...but you get the idea. He does his thing on the keys

After this, I proceeded to the N.E.R.D./ZUNE party at the Roosevelt Hotel! It was great to see fam and friends...saw the Star Trak crew...N.E.R.D did their thing!!! I'm loving Pharrell's energy! Definitely more animated than in the earlier N.E.R.D. days.

Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing In the Line for the Bathroom) - N.E.R.D.

Throwback: ONE OF MY FAVORRRRITE N.E.R.D. Records!

Run to the Sun - N.E.R.D.


Fo da kids

Yes, FO DA KIDS.... gotta love how these kids have taken what we used to (running man, roger rabbit etc) and flipped it up and gone completely left w/ it. lol. 
Cute video.. i'm feelin Diamond as a solo artist... she has a star quality that many female rappers lack. 


I wasn't sure if I liked this at first but i'm actually diggin this new Rihanna. I'm FEELIN IT, How bout you?

wanna get into something fun tonight??

More Fiiiiiiire- KIDZ IN THE HALL

Love this group...  so refreshing! KIDZ in THE HALL (comprised of Naledge & DJ Double O),
their album "The In Crowd" available now!  Check them out

Here's the video to their dope single DRIVIN DOWN THE BLOCK

Kat Von D

Although I don't have any tattoos, I have a slight obsession with the show "LA Ink".   The Queen of Tats, Kat Von D has a new makeup line w/ Sephora... How dope!!!!!

Created by Kat Von D, tattoo artist, reality-TV star, and owner of High Voltage Tattoo, this edgy color collection exemplifies old-Hollywood glamour with an L.A. vibe. As her gorgeous face leads on, Kat is as masterful with makeup as she is with a tattoo gun. (She can throw on a full, flawless face of makeup in 15 minutes, flat. Now that's on point.) Accordingly, her passion for makeup and self-expression is inked, so to speak, into every expert product she's created. From pin-up perfection to rocker chic, this limited-edition lineup allows you to tap into your bad-girl side and unleash your inner artist.

Good Music

Its very rare to hear GOOD MUSIC these days.  Here's a breath of fresh air. 
A talented singer, songwriter, musician (pianist) & dancer...  I present to you... BOXIE!   (you may have seen him on tour w/ J Holiday & Trey Songz, in the his FILA commercial on 106 & Park and/or in his Fila ads in XXL, Complex & Vibe)

check out his myspace for footage

LET ME SHOW YOU - Boxie feat Juelz

Some of our favorite lionesses...

In honor of the NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade, a special edition of NY POST TEMPO featuring NINA SKY (Nicole & Natalie)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Not a Hater but

Why do people still care about Christina Milian? I'm not being a hater I'm simply confused by the fact that paparazzi still follow her around. She hasnt had a hit record in who knows how long and what's the last hot movie she's been in? Is it simply enough to be cute? Which leads me to ask, why didn't she make it as an artist...she has a pretty good voice, she is cute, men love her but something about her makes it not FIT. Would love to hear some opinions on her and a) why do people still pay attention b) why didnt she succeed as an artist.... oh and you think she cares that Nick and Mariah got married? lol.


I'm going to go see this guy named Mateo tonight....I love this record. I think he's pretty talented, and not bad on the eyes...I'll let you know how it goes...

Complicated - Mateo

check him out:


When I shop...I'm always thinking about what pieces will be most flattering for my figure (as all women should). I don't get too caught up in trends. At the end of the day, proportion is what matters. I'm personally thinking about what piece is going to fit my figure, without making me look like a hoochie. This is usually the thought process of anyone with booty, hips and thighs. An outfit on a very petite, less curvaceous figure will look COMPLETELY different on a girl with CURVES! Instead of looking like you're going to a BBQ with those little shorts, you can end up looking like you're about to slide down a pole due to the pulling and riding up of "unforgiving" fabric! One discovery I've made and that I LOVE is a store called American Aparell. I love it..because their designs and their cuts are very simple, but because they all stretch they tend to mold very well to one's figure. I don't want to give away ALL of my secrets, but I will drop some gems here and there...because I know the challenge us curvy girls deal with when shopping. I live by these jeans...check it out. The skirts are just as great(surprisinlgy). No riding up action..which is usually the issue curvy girls face with pencil skirts.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Janelle Monae...from the Chanel runway to the stage..!!

I was flipping through Elle Magazine recently, when I noticed a white girl dressed like Janelle Monae. No was a model from the runway of the Chanel Fall fashion show. Well, since I'm assuming the show came first...I guess it's safe to say that Janelle's styling seems to be HEAVILY influenced by Chanel...even down to the bouffant! What do you guys think??

JANELLE MONAE...?? What do you guys think?

She has a pretty serious cosign....DIDDY himself..he says she is "his most important new signing"
Looks like she's doing what she wants to do....can't be mad at that...I'm still trying to decide on what I think exactly...hmmm
Who New??? -JANELLE MONAE - (Atlanta, GA)

Opening Reception for "street" photographer Ricky Powell exhibit TODAY!!


NEW COMMON feat Pharrell!! "Universal Mind" check it out!!!


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Monday, June 2, 2008


SO..I went to see this on Fri night. I got to witness the madness first hand....the unofficial "street teams" running around in Sex in the city baby tee's, the people taking pics of eachother in their "Sex In the City" outfits, the wannabe Carrie's (not all quite pulling it off, but A for effort)...yes I saw it all. If you were a fan of the show,then you couldn't really go wrong with the movie. It felt like a long episode. I had no problem with that. Critics definitely seem to have their opinions on what message the movie sent with regard to female relationships (and how realistic these frienships were)and also the emphasis that was placed on these womens relationships with men...
I have to say that I've been lucky enough to experience the kind of bond that these ladies displayed with eachother in the movie with a few of my girlfriends, and therefore I could really relate to their characters. I don't think any of it was far-fetched. I feel bad for anyone who hasn't experienced that type of friendship. Apparently a lot of folks haven't. I can go on and on and on...about friendship etc...but if anything..although the movie was supposed to have been light and fun..I think it opened up dialogue about friendship among women.

Other than that..the women looked FAB...the shoe game was absoluteley sickening...(in a GOOD way)...
This movie just made me miss NYC (as someone who just left) and my girls...yes..ya gurl was tearing up in that theater..lookin nuts!!

Check out Jennifer Hudson's song from SEX IN THE CITY soundtrack

Dressed Up In Love - Jennifer Hudson



OK, ALICIA Keys makes me want to drop to the floor and do some crunches Pronto! She looks GREAT, and she's wearing my fav article of clothing...the classic "wifebeater"!


Kanye...looking intense...Let me guess which song.."Can't Tell me NUUUUTHIN!!!"


KANYE and WEEZY...looks like a fun moment...and according to our Jewish Princess (who was in the house) it was...!!

UM...just not fair that to be a female artist you have to look like Beyonce or Rihanna....but as a male rapper...well...this is allowed...AND I bet he STILL gets chicks..!!

of course AKON was in the house...can't have summer jam without the man behind half the records on the radio...!

Oh Kanye

I was checking out Mediatakeout and caught this supposed statement by Kanye "How the F@#% are you gonna let Jim Jones close the show - don't nobody even know who he is." He was going on and on about how he's the biggest name in hip hop and Jim Jones was a nobody ... But after about a minute of screaming, he must have realized that Jim Jones was in the arena - cause he abruptly stopped criticizing Jim and turned his anger towards Hot 97. He was like 'No disrespect to Jim Jones or Dipset, but F@#% Hot 97, they lied to me."

Hopefully thats just some made up crap because everyone knows that the Summerjam crowd always leaves during the last act to avoid traffic and because after sitting at an arena for 4+ hours you get TIRED! Come on Ye.. you had a great show.. don't ruin it w/ your ego.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New York Hot97's Summerjam

My brief recap...

Yung Berg & Ray-J kicked off the show... Giants stadium wasn't packed yet but the crowd was feeling them. Even half of Giants Stadium is a big look. I missed the Dream.. I wanted to see it even though I hear his show is really bad. I think he brought out Fab. He also had 3 or 4 dancers with him. Then Ms. Alicia Keys did her set... she looked REALLY great and brought out Maino (i was shocked.. such a major stamp for him) and the WU!!! Raekwon, Meth & Ghostface. Her set was definitely poppin! The crowd went pretty crazy. After her was D Block (a.k.a the Lox plus randoms) who got a strong reaction and brought out Fat Joe, Red Cafe and LL COOL J! Everyone was going crazy for him.. was actually pretty surprising. Then came TPain who I think should really put out a workout tape because he and his dancers reallllllly work it out on that stage. They pretty much do everything from the running man to jumping jacks on that muf*ka. Pain brought out Shawty Lo, Rick Ross, Khaled (who brought out Ace) and Akon. Although I missed the side stage (festival stage) apparentely Akon came out w/ Kardinal on that earlier too. Then came Lil Wayne. Weezy got the craziest, loudest reaction... the kids love this dude. BUTTTTT, his show really isnt all that. He had gym class heroes as his band but they were supposed to perform (I saw Travis and everything) but didn't and i'm assuming because Weezy spent about 10 minutes of his show singing a song about Pus*y. Yes, a full long ass song saying such amazing (sarcasm) things as "i'm the pus*y monster" and going on and on and on and onnnnnnn. He brought out Shawty Lo back out, brought out Titty boi (spelling?) from Playaz Circle (apparently they are coming out with a new single) and Kanye popped up at the end for his part of Lollipop remix. Then Wayne ended the show by playing Whitney Houston "I will always love you" and putting a robe on and kinda singing along to the song then bouncing. Such a strange show but you cant help but f*ck with this guy who just doesnt give a crap about what anyone says or thinks. He was prob high. I think i saw a quick cup in his hand.
Then came Kanye... he did his think as always.. he's just a true entertainer. He brought Consequence out (kanye realllly f*cks w/ him) and then Tpain came back out. Kanye did a freestyle about superficial chicks who want you for material things and it kinda came across like he was going at someone (maybe just maybe, his ex??)! Shout out to Ms Joi Star who ripped as Kanye's backup singer. Only chick on stage and ripppppin it. Also shout to Atrak who was def not hiding the fact that Ms Kid Sister is his wifey.
By this point my neck hurt from looking up at the stage and i just wanted to leave but i had to wait to see Public Enemy. They def had the 21+ crowd excited but honestly by this point i watched 3 songs and bounced... taking the chance that Flava Flav would do something super exciting (sarcasm again!). Chuck D sounded great but looked like he was pulled away from gardening or something.. he was def looking like a grown man.
I left and i know i missed Jim Jones and whoever else he was bringing out. Rihanna was supposed to perform but today she suddenly was off the lineup... wonder why. I'll find out soon.

oh and I couldnt go into song by song breakdowns because i'd really just be here all night.