Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lioness of the Week: DJ K-Sly

Name: Kathleen Marie Taylor
Stage Name: DJ K-Sly
Hustle: DJ/Host
City: Home Town: Army brat/LA native
Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
Current: Inglewood

1. When I was a kid I daydreamed about....

changing the world AND living in Paris.

2. As an adult I daydream about...

changing the world (improving the lives of our children) AND living in Paris

3. In my group of friends I'm the one who...


4. When I was growing up I was told that I couldn't...

"get the same respect as a man" because I was a girl.

5. How did you break into your industry?

God pointed me to someone who believed in me.

This is exactly what I did before I got my first commercial radio gig: I prayed, "If it's meant for me to be in the entertainment industry, please give me a job within a year." I prayed that in August 1998, and got my first job in August 1999 in Atlanta, GA, co-hosting with Ludacris. That was my big break. Before that, I practiced, studied, entered broadcasting competitions, made mixtapes... I had a college radio show for 4 years where I also played the role of Hip Hop show director & Assistant Promotions Director. I played at 2-3 clubs a week and threw my own events.

6. Favorite part of what you do?

Rockin' parties! It's really just... fun. I love connecting with people. Constant evolution. Learning how to handle extreme & abnormal situations. Pushing myself to the limit.

7. Least favorite part of what you do?

Always having to watch my back. It takes a lot of energy...keeps you on your toes though. You gotta take the good with the bad!

8. Who do you admire in your field?

Outkast for being the dopest! Jay-Z for his amazing talent & longevity. Kelis for her uniqueness, even when it wasn't "cool," she showed her eccentricity. Naturally. Angie Martinez ...she's a vet. Lil Jon for his energy and humbleness. Also, the many DJs who took risks, even if it meant their jobs.

9. My top five favorite artists/producers are....

Alive? Hip Hop? Artists: Outkast, Jay-Z, T.I., Common, Nas.

Producers: Pharell, J. Dilla, Just Blaze, Dr. Dre, DJ Quick.

10. My favorite fashion designers/brands are:

Betsy Johnson, hands down. Zoe D has some dope stuff. I rock Rebel Spirit; they're new. I like vintage shopping and, of course, Forever 21! (Though not everyone admits it.)

11. Moment when your hustle paid off was/will be when...

WAS when I reached my goal to be on LA radio and I had two TV shows. When I paid off my student loans, that's when I knew I made it. haha
WILL pay off when I finish producing some projects. Next, hopefully I can help more than myself.

12. My family is proud of me because...

I try

13. One thing no one knows about me is....

I'm half white. People always think I'm full Korean. Another thing? I listen to classical music but it doesn't calm the savage beast in LA traffic! I flip out!

14. Shameless plug (what do you want the world to know):

I have a couple of projects in development. Musical and possibly on TV.

Also, please pray for my dear friend, DJ Hideo who is overcoming stage 4 colon/liver cancer.

Richgirl is getting remixed...

JIM JONES Pictures, Images and Photos

24's featuring Jim Jones right here!

24's featuring Lloyd Banks right here!

Who's is better??

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kid Cudi on Carson Daly

I really dig Cudi..

Kenza Farah feat. Nina Sky - New Video!

Kenza Farah is an R&B artist from France who's new single features the beautiful ladies of NINA SKY. New Video for "Celle qu'il te faut" (I wish i understood lol)

Purely out of Curiosity ... Obama vs. Simmons

Who's cuter... the Obama or the Simmons girls (wait or is it Lee's)?

The mind of Taz Arnold

Some of you know him as being Kanye's homeboy who wears weirdo ish, others consider him a "fashion visionary" and others remember him as just one of the dudes from the group SA-RA (or the group FORMERLY known as Sa-ra... they broke up)... well here's a glimpse into his world.

Music inspires design of the 2010 Ford Taurus

A diverse range of musical artists, including Alicia Keys, Paul Oakenfold, Kem, Anthony Hamilton and Citizen Cope, influenced the design of the all-new 2010 Ford Taurus.
"Music helps us visual people paint pictures in our head," said Earl Lucas, Exterior Design manager for the all-new Taurus. "We know the Taurus has to speak to a diverse group of people, so we chose artists who do the same with their songs."
Citizen Cope, in particular, struck a chord with the design team. He said the music was perfect for what Ford is trying to achieve with its fresh interpretation of its flagship sedan.
courtesy of

Whoa baby... Frankie is going in!

Frankie needs to be controlled man. Seems to be making up for lost time :(

New Asher Roth video- Lark On My Go-Kart

The white boy strikes again... No, Not Eminem. New Asher Roth video... his album "Asleep In The Bread Aisle" is in stores and available digitally 4/20 (ha, get it?).

As a new artist i'm surprised he had his second video fully animated.... He should of shown some face, but oh well.

Ugly Alert

Sorry if you own these and adore them... god bless you... but these are FUGLY & I needed to make sure the world knew my opinion (whether YOU care or not). Holllller

Rihanna spotted in LA

RiRi was spotted in the streets of LA, leaving the nightclub, Les Deux. I think it's time to speak out...I am losing respect for her every day that she just goes about her business and acts like nothing happened. I know it's her personal life but with the LAPD picture leaking and all those documents she at least owes it to her young fans to somehow acknowledge what's been going on! GO ON OPRAH WOMAN.

El Presidente... OBAMA!

Just a friendly reminder from your friends @ LITCJ that Obama will be on Leno tonight. This is BIG. He will be the first sitting US president to appear on a latenight show. Letterman, Kimmel and all the rest must be HEATED, ha! It should be funny.

Crazy Biatch... Kenley Collins

Remember this chick, Kenley, from Project Runway? I thought she was pretty talented...a bit of a bitch though. This loca was arrested in her Brooklyn home on Tuesday morning (3/17) after assaulting her sleeping ex-fiance with her cat!!! PUSSY POWER (sorry, had to do it). According to court documents Collins told her ex-fiance, Zac Penley, "You're lucky … it could've been a lot worse," after lunging her kitty cat, laptop, apples and water at her slumbering former lover. Kenley was arrested and charged with 2nd degree assault, 3rd degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree.
The Runway finalist's statement upon being released from jail on Tuesday morning... "It was a miscommunication."
Um ok.... but then again who knows what he did to deserve that sh*t. Lord knows men have a way of making chicks crazy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Natasha Richardson RIP

On a ski trip in Canada, Natasha Richardson, had a "tumble" on the slopes that ended in a fatal brain injury. For about an hour after the fall she was conscious and walking on her own but later felt a headache and was rushed to the emergency room. That headache was just an early sign of her later announced brain damage. Natasha Richardson died tonight at the young age of 45!
She was married to actor Liam Neeson (Schindler's List) and was a Tony- Winning Broadway star(Chicago) and on-screen actress (The Parent Trap, Maid in Manhattan). As a skier this really freaks me out... to think one day you are zooming down the slopes you have a sudden fall (which has happened to me MANY times) and that's it??? Yeah, I'm getting emotional but damn man, another reminder that tomorrow isn't promised. RIP Natasha Richardson

Kanyeezy and Keri on the set of her new vid...

Okay they're acting weird on this...but funny because if you watch..Kanye gave Keri some very quick, subtle advice....but it's advice she could may help her immensely...check it out!!

Macy Grey actually looking Feminine...

Macy Grey makes an appearance at the 2009 Millennium Development Goals awards held at the United Nations.
Not only does she look feminine but sober as well. Not a bad look on you MG....

HBO Presents A Screening Of "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency"...Um WHERE was Jill Scott??

Liya Kebede was there too support in her usual fab way

Lynn Whitfield..not sure what was up with showing the midrift...but ok

Naturi Naughton (the one who was naked throughout the Notorious flick) attended...

CMili & The Dream...


It was time to UPGRADE like the rest of 'Em....

Lioness in the Concrete Jungle Gets a Makeover...

Ginuwine & Brandy...

Just wondering, do people care about Ginuwine's comeback? Is it a comeback? Thoughts...

Pics from the new CIARA & Justin Timberlake shoot

Cici is killin em.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

*New Video* Kidz in the Hall "I GOT IT MADE" (Reebok Classic '09)

Kidz In The Hall (Major League/Duck Down Music) is the first group in the series to re-interpret the classic song, "I Got It Made" by Special Ed. The track is available for download now to customers who purchase footwear from the Classic Remix collection at Foot Locker stores. In conjunction with the release of the Reebok Classic Remix collection, a music video for "I Got It Made (Reebok Classic '09)". The video is directed by Justin Francis.

LMAO @ this kid singing Lil Flip "SUNSHINE"


Monday, March 16, 2009

Women we love in Fashion...2009 CFDA Fashion Awards Nominations

Diane von Furstenburg

Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief, Vogue Magazine

Carolina Herrera

Ann Sui

Richie Rich...not a woman, but knows what makes women look good!

Moment of Hotness: Iman spotted at Holt Renfrew Cocktail in Toronto

Iman, looks incredible each and every time

Kelis & belly

Our amiga shows off her babybelly... not sure about that hair though :(

Rosario Dawson on the Cover of New York Times Mag

Sunday, March 15, 2009

125th Anniversary of the Metropilitan Museum of Art, NYC

Kanye and his chick...looks like she's been getting laced up lovely

Zoe Saldana

Mary Kate Olsen

Rihanna spotted in the streets of NYC...

Rihanna spotted in the streets of NY...I feel like..I don't even care how "cute" she looks anymore...I just want to know whether she's okay or not...