Friday, June 20, 2008

Soulja Boy vs. Ice T

For the record, I think this is a joke and i'm disappointed in Ice T, a grown a*s man, for going this route to get his name out there again. Anyways... If you don't know what i'm referring to then here's the quote Ice T said about Soulja Boy and Hurricane Chris (both boys are like 18 yrs old)

“Fuck Soulja Boy! Eat a dick! This ni–a single handedly killed Hip Hop. That shit is such garbage man. We came all the way from Rakim, we came all the way from Das EFX, we came all the way from motherfuckers flowing like Big Daddy Kane and Ice Cube, and you come with that Superman shit? That shit is garbage. Hurricane (Chris) take them fuoking beads out of your hair ni–a! Man up. You ni–as is making me feel real fucking mad about this shit.”
- Ice T on the sad state of rap music

Here's Soulja Boy's reply. Kinda funny, I can't lie. But ay i like Ice T on Law & Order.

Here's Ice T's response...

Ray Lavender

You may be familiar w/ Ray Lavender from his song "My girl got a girlfriend" or if you've heard Akon speak about him (he's signed to Konvict music). He has a new song & video by the name of "Stay"... i'm not really loving the song BUT the guy is SEXXXXXXXXXXY.

Here's the video:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Favorite Twin Lionesses-NINA SKY

Nicole and Natalie (NINA SKY) in RIDES MAG (July/Aug issue)... go cop it!

Celebrity Circus- NBC's new show.

I don't know why anyone would sign up for such ridiculousness... Check out Stacey Dash & Blu Cantrell (yikes i forgot about her).

T-Pain & Lil Wayne????!

Well, Well, Well.. As if selling a million in his first week isn't enough, Mr Carter (the younger one) is confirming that he and T-Pain are starting a group together...
The rapper spoke to MTV on Monday (June 16) and simply responded "Yeah" when asked if it was true. He told MTV the pair just see eye-to-eye and are very much alike, so it works.
"We both have the same energy," Weezy said. "I don't sleep. If you ask anybody, I don't sleep. I think it's the cousin of death. As much as you sleep, you're impersonating death to me. He don't sleep. I play all day. He plays all day and all night. The connection is crazy. He loves to be creative, he loves to work; I love to create, I love to work. He really wants people to respect his rapping; I really want people to respect my harmonizing."

I think its kinda cool.. what about you?

Funniest thing i've seen in a long time!

These dudes mocking Hurricane Chris.

Here's the original fila commercial that they based FULA on lol.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


YUMMY! Or as PEREZ SAYS.. Perfection!

Fila commercial

Look out for the new fila commercial featuring Hurricane Chris, Boxie & Diamond... here's 2 pics from the shoot. The commercial will be on your tv screen within the next few weeks (for now im using the images from cuz i forget my camera at home :( )

The Demise of a Rapper... Bye Buck.

50 is just evil for putting this on the web...

Poor Lady...

speaking of working out... DJ ENVY works out w/LL COOL J


a FIT lioness

I figure if I put it on my blog then i have no choice but to stand by my decision. Ladies (and gents), your friend is on a mission to lose WEIGHT! I called my old trainer and said "Listen Woman, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES, i need you to whoop my butt back into shape" Sooooo let the games begin. I kicked it off on Sunday w/ a 2 1/2 hour power walk around manhattan. I was supposed to hit the gym monday but it didnt work out exactly as i planned (ya know when you say "oh i'll just go during my lunch break" and then it turns into "oh ill just go after work" and then that turns into "ok, tomorrow"). I finally made it back to the gym yesterday morning but then this morning i couldn't get out of bed. I'm trying to eat healthy, which is so hard when my hours are all over the place and when I'm around people eating CRAP all day... But its day 3 and i've only had one "bad thing" in 3 days (3 wings last night w/ my salad). So yeah folks... IT's SOOOO HARD but i'm doing this!!!! Stay tuned.

Common is the Artist in Residence at the LA Film Festival..!!!

Here's my pic....sorry guys...bear with me..getting that new camera soon, I promise

Glad Wiremage is always on the job...

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Common talk about his rap career, how he has evolved as an artist and transitioned into the acting world. He was on his way out of town to shoot his next movie, but took the time out of his hectic sched to participate in this program. Good look for all involved!

Here is a link to the schedule of events at the Film Fest

Here's that new record again!!!


"Universal Mind" Control feat Pharrell

(please excuse the DJ drops)

Universal Mind Control U.M.C. FULL HQ SONG - Common Ft. Pharrell mohit dhawan delhi india

New John Legend "Green Light" featuring Andre 3000!!!

Love this...I like how Andre makes an appearance every once in a while. Goes missing long enough to miss the hell out of him, then has the nerve to drop a quick teaser verse...BUT We'll take it!!

john legend ft andre 3000-green light xclusiveszone[2] -

New Clipse Record "Fast Life" prod by Scott Storch

Fast Life - Clipse

Monday, June 16, 2008

Trendwatch @ 107.9 Birthday Bash: Tat's and Chains...and that's it.

Well I'm not complaining, what about you ladies?!?!



Young Jeezy

2 Pistols


This is where I was on Sunday evening! Watching the L.A. Lakers vs. The Celticsi!! (and not on my couch)

Great game! They were neck in neck but the Lakers came through! we'll see what happens tomorrow!!