Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beats & Brands

Last night the Lioness fam was a part of a DOPE night of beats (4 djs) and brands (4 female streetwear lines). Shout out to the dope chicks of Nina Sky (Nicole & Natalie) for killin this party. Shout out to Ciroc for lacing everyone up with free cocktails :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kanye & Amber

Well it seems being a rapper's girl really does pay off. Kanye & Amber in new ads for his Louis Vuitton Sneaker.

For more images click here kanyeuniversecity


This is FUNNNNNY! Shout out to Peter Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds for this ridiculousness.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Tomorrow Guys...Don't Miss it!!

Nina Sky performance @ CITRINE

Last night 4/15, I went out to check my girls NINA SKY out @ Citrine. Short and sweet set. Love them!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lioness of the Week: Leah Rose!!

Name: Leah Rose

Hustle: Co-Hostess of Lip Service on Shade 45, Sirius XM/Brand Marketing Director for Birkedal Hartmann/Freelance Writer/great cook

City/Home Town:Presently New York City

Birthplace: Boulder Creek, CA

1. When I was a kid I daydreamed about....

Madonna appearing in my room to sing and dance with me.

2. As an adult I daydream about...

Having babies!

3. In my group of friends I'm the one who...

Knows tons of really random information about hip-hop

4. When I was growing up I was told that I couldn't...


5. How did you break into your industry?

I got an internship at Vibe in late '99, worked there for free for 8 months then was hired at XXL where I worked for 8 years (for nearly free).

6. Favorite part of what you do?

Traveling oversees, eating really amazing free food and drinking fine wine and things

7. Least favorite part of what you do?

Waiting for people to call me back

8. Who do you admire in your field?

On the radio side, Angela Yee because she's self-made and incredible at her job.

9. My top five favorite artists/producers are....

Oh jeez, this is so hard. In no particular order I love Jay-Z, OutKast, Ghostface, Bjork, Fiona Apple, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Slick Rick, old Nas, Ludacris, Beastie Boys, CNN, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, old Janet Jackson, old Madonna, Stevie Nicks, there's too many...

10. My favorite fashion designers/brands are:

For jeans I would say Earnest Sewn or Paper, Shoes- Loeflerr Randall, Bags- Bottega Veneta (I wish!), Shirt/dress- Whatever looks good...

11. Moment when your hustle paid off was/will be when...

Shit! I can't say yet. It has something to do with a big rapper and a brand new cognac, details coming soon...

12. My family is proud of me because...

I've found success and happiness (cheesy)

13. One thing no one knows about me is....

I'm a man. Just kidding. I watch Tavis Smiley's show on PBS a couple times a week.

14. Shameless plug (what do you want the world to know): Twitter sucks! It kills brain cells! Follow me at

Describe your J.O.
Monday nights from 8-10 pm I talk about sexual hijinx on Shade 45 with rappers and porn stars. Every other day and night I am assembling and overseeing a marketing and PR team for the launch of a cognac blended by a super dope MC and manufactured by Birkedal Hartmann which will be available at a club/liquor store near you in September!

Rye Rye at Cinespace in LA Last night

So last night I went and checked out Rye Rye (out of Baltimore), M.I.A.'s first artist on her label N.E.E.T. at Cinespace and it felt like a bunch of hipsters (sorry, I know I can't stand that word either, but basically white kids with headbands and plaid shirts..feel free to suggest a better word) and some preppy white kids found themselves at a Harlem block party...and were lovin it. I like the record Tick Tock feat MIA probably the most, but the records that she was discovered off of are straight RAW B-More records...for the kids and the clubs...and this crowd was eating up. I think some folks discovered that they actually had some rhythm last night. Hmm, it will be interesting to see where this round the way girl from BMore ends up with the MIA cosign. She'll probably see places in the world that Young B and Teyana won't ever see. See MIA talking about her new protege below.

New Cassie feat. The Dream "Keep On Lovin Me"

Oh lawd, Sorry, she just isn't the strongest singer :( (i'm being nice)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wisin Y Yandel feat 50 Cent & Julissa "Mujeres in the Club"

Lindsay Lohan EHarmony commercial

Some clever bizzzzness. Go Lindsay lol.

In the studio with....Nipsey Hussle and the Smeezingtons

stopped by the studio to see Bruno of The Smeezingtons who happened to be working with Nipsey Hussle...the next big thing out of the West Coast. He was real cool peoples...I'd heard alot about him, and it was good to finally meet him.
Sounded like they were working on a smash last night...if you've been under a rock and don't know, now you know. Look out for Nipsey Hussle...Hussle...

Nipsey Hussle's Myspace

The Smeezingtons Myspace

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keisha Knight Pulliam celebrates her BDAY!!

It must be weird for the world to be more used to seeing you as a kid than an adult...Keisha looks great though..who wouldve known Rudy would be so cute...

En Vogue reunites on Trumpet Awards..we love them and miss them

Love them! Check it out...