Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Music for Your Enjoyment

We got that Kanye...Let's see what Mr. West is talkin about..

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808s & Heartbreak

We got us Some Britney

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Britney Spears - Circus

EVENT to check out: Missbehave, Fila and Nina Sky...

wow, not mad at these kicks..Good move to get with NS on these...

New Creation by TOO FLY!! GOOD WOOD AND Two Fly Collab...

This is what Too Fly has to say:
Trinity Collection inspired by the multi colored textiles of my peoples during my trips to Ecuador. My trip to Jamaica this year was also pretty special and so I included the “irie” ring which is exactly how I felt around around such a beautiful land and people. I couldn’t let the essence pass me by. Each ring has a special name just like a work of art!

Rings retail at $25.00 ea.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Barack Announces New Economic Team

Watch out David Blaine...the new magicians are in town...that's what may be needed to turn this terrible economy around...hopefully they have some amazing tricks up their sleeves. We're watching...

WANT A GOOD LAUGH?? Listen to Comedian D.Lemon's NSFW ... (and don't forget to close your door if you're in the office!!)

Comedian and good friend, D.Lemon compiled some of his funniest moments...check it out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

AMA Red Carpet looks - To Keep or To Replace the Stylist??

SO, Rihanna takes usual..she just DOES it. We can keep her stylist...matter of fact her stylist should get points on the album, publishing and royalties...her style is half of what makes Rihanna...RIHANNA

Always a hit or miss with Alicia..and this would be a MISS.

And now..stylists themselves are getting their turn on the red carpet..and yes Rachel Zoe should continue to style herself.

The Queen should keep her stylist. She always hooks it all the way up and she always looks incredible from head to toe.

Pinks swagger is the first thing you see on the red carpet before anything else and here her style is matching her stylist is a keeper.

Black stocking mishaps:I LOVE the opaque black stocking look, especially when your legs arent quiiiite right, but you still wanna rock the mini...BUT, this is NOT the way to do it. Sarah McLachlan and Leona Lewis don't quite get it right. did you let these looks happen??

Leona should stick with the kind of look she rocked coming in on the red this is what we're talking about

Colbie Caillat...NO. GET a stylist...there couldn't have been one anywhere in site for this to have happened. She says they are real flowers...I will go to the Botanical Gardens Colbie.

Tocarra..cute costume...if only it was Halloween