Saturday, June 28, 2008

New ISHHHH!! Check out Persona Non Grata (PNG) record... "Uncle Black"

Check out Persona Non Grata!!! A group of 18 year olds straight outta Brooklyn! The group consists of 3 members Heedi Blacc, Ill-O, and Ivo Dinero who have created a buzz and dance movement called the "Uncle Black". Their single has been simmering on the Myspace,Youtube circuit for a minute. They are now officially launching with the team Business Class behind them.
Are they another group of kids doing a fun little dance who are here now, BUT gone tomorrow?? Well I hear some actual rap skills and real BK swagger, so...I think we have something here! I'm not mad at them..NOTTATALL!!!

Uncle Black (Clean) - Persona Non Grata

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last night...R&B Live (in LA)

Marsha (Floetry)

Keisha Cole..a little of Mario in the corner

Anthony Hamilton and wife

Aaron Hall (Guy)...and yes he sang "Let's Chill" AND "I miss you!!!!

Again, sorry for the blurry images..the camera pics are coming, I promise!!!

Last night I hit up R&B live. It started off hectic...I was supposedly going to be "taken care of" at the door, but instead I ended up in the midst of the madness outside...which put a major damper on my mood. The girl at the door that I was told would "look out" was doing nothing of the kind. My frustration turned into attitude. My girl Meleni (one of my road dogs) told me I was doing it all wrong and that my attitude was not going to get us past that rope. I guess she was right...I told her she could officially give me "DOOR" training...because I have no "door" skills! I personally hate "doors" and most people at them. I like to go places knowing that I'm on some list and someone will be on the look out. If not I'm GOOD on that! But last night my "look out" people BROKE OUT!! Finally someone we knew who came down to get Polow da Don and his crew in, pulled us in as well...whew! Way toooo much work! But once I arrived I walked into what was about to be a a great time and an unexpected lineup of great performances. Anthony Hamilton was on the bill, but if you can SANG and you're in that room, you're also going to be on THAT stage. Last week the headliner was Sean Garrett, but after him, impromptu performances took place by Jamie Foxx, Avant and Tank and some younger LA up and coming guys. Avant and Tank may not be on 106 and Park or on the charts at this moment...but those dudes can saaaang! Last night the IMPROMPTU performances that took place (ready for this) were by Aaron Hall singing classic Guy records (!), Marsha from Floetry (her voice is like an instrument..incredible), Joe, Keisha Cole and Mario (they sang back and forth to ...AND WHAT...!!!). What's cool about this event is that the sound is great (they have a live band), the venue is sexy and intimate and there are fans in the room who just want to hear good music. It's not strictly an "industry crowd" which tends to not show any sign of enjoyment when watching a performance. This room just wants to hear good singers and hear timeless music. So yeah guys...ya girl had a blast. I guess all of that energy at the door was worth it...hmmm..I guess! A LOT of folks were in the room last night...Polow da Don, Jazze Pha, Kenny Burns, Slam, Big Jon and more...that I can't remember off hand....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm diggin: Girls Around the World VIDEO - Lloyd feat Lil Wayne

Hype does his this record too!

Next few rounds

Video chick Angel Lola with clothes on at Akademiks Gifting suite

After the BMI Brunch I went on to the Akademiks Suite being held at the Roosevelt and caught up with a bunch of my New York folks who were in LALA land for the was great to see them..and shout to Byron Kirkland at Akademiks...nice function! had fun EVEN in the boiling HOT weather!!!

I then went on to Opera where I attended an Epic Records Showcase, where Young Berg performed...thank you Courtney (@Epic) and Jen for looking out and making sure were in the bldg. Had a great time!

I then I ended up BACK at the Roosevelt for a late night cap...just hung out by the pool again..with NY folks...Brett Wright of Uptown Mag, Byron of Akademiks and my girls Meleni and Drea...and just basically kicked up my feet! LOOONG day!


My day started with recouperating from the previous night!!! then on to lunch/mtg with the staff, and then to the Lil Wayne video shoot for "A Millie". There I saw my old friend Gil Green...director extradonaire..who was shooting the video. He directed "Lollipop" and was apparently back to shoot "A Millie" and I believe he was following this up with "I got Money" featuring T-Pain. Check his reel folks..or just watch BET...every other video is directed by him. He is killin the game right now...(
Saw a few folks on set that I hadn't seen in a minute..I saw T-Pain...and Teyana Taylor (Star Trak) who filled me in on some of the new records she's been recording.

Later that night...
Had dinner with my coworkers and an Icon (who will remain nameless) at Eva Longoria's restaurant Beso, and had a great time...the decor is gorgeous, however, I'm sad to say that when I went back and had no VIP's in tow as I did the first night, service fell OFF in a major way. It was actually pretty awful! very disappointing!!
After this we moved on to Jermaine Dupri's TAG Records party at this new venue called Kress. This party was poppin...many folks were in the building..Kelis and Nas, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Tyrese (lookin great)...and many many more...NY was in the bldg reppin some more..

Next day...
went back to Beso with my peoples...friends and talented producers the Stereotypes (produced Danity Kane hit "Damaged") and some oother friends. Unfortunately..the service completely SUCKED! I won't be recommending that place to anyone for anything other than drinks (at least those were good). We had plans to attend the T-Pain BET after party...but the line to the shuttle going to the private residence where the party was being held lookd hectic..and no one was in the we kept it moving...we actually ended up (in a weird way...LONG STORY) in an A list black movie star's living room having a night cap and basically wrapping up the BET madness.....

BET Rounds...First Stop...BMI Brunch

I'm a little late talking about my BET rounds...but it's hard to stop and post when I'm running around working and attending the lineup of events going on! My first stop was the BMI brunch...where people came through to mix, mingle, grub and get their mimosa on! Some went as far as to start downing patron at a sunday brunch!! But I guess for some it's never too early to start tha par-tay!!


Nas, Cool of Cool and Dre and Jimmy Henchmen


Regina King, Sean Garrett and Catherine Brewton


Rick Ross, Cool from Cool and Dre


The Simmon sisters


Jazze Pha, Catherine Brewton and Rich Harrison

BET 2008 disaster...

I gotta say Lil Mama & T-Pain have some SPECIAL outfits on.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am such a 90's r&b lover and oh my goodness this was such a great idea!!!!!!

I gotta be honest, I missed the full show so i'll have to catch it another time (you know they reair this a million times) but from what I caught on youtube and in the last few minutes of the show.... Chris Brown & Ciara ripped... Rihanna was ok...Nelly was ok... Ne-Yo was hot (i think he's dope!!!)..WEezy and T-pain did their thing BUTTTTTT I must say I was NOT feeling USher. I didnt see the Al Green segment nor did i catch anyone else BUT i'll give another recap when i catch it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ne-Yo A Milli

So I have been avoiding posting all of these remixes but I'm a Ne-Yo Fan so here is his version...

A Milli Freestyle - Ne-Yo

Is he going @ Chris Brown??????