Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blast from the Past...Early Lionesses: Les Nubians celebrate with Catherine Malandrino at her boutique in New York

Celia Faussart of Les Nubians performs at Catherine Malandrino boutique in NYC

Definitely an unexpected and inlikely pairing! Who would have thought that you would see Celia Faussart (one half of) Les Nubians resurface in the states at designer Catherine Malandrino's boutique of all places. I used to have their CD on repeat in earlier days...good music! Would love to see more of these ladies...

In case you're not familiar Les Nubians are a female duo that came out of Bordeaux, France, in the 1990s, Les Nubians offered a jazzy, sophisticated style of R&B that combined French lyrics with the influence of Sade, Soul II Soul, hip-hop, and African pop. The duo consists of sisters Helene and Celia Faussart, who were born in France to a French father and a Cameroonian mother.

Check out this throwback video of one of their more known songs "Makeda"

Les Nubians " Makeda " - Les Nubians

Work of ART...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lioness of the Week: Brea "BStar" Stinson...Stylist and Designer to the Stars!!

Hustle: Fashion(designing and styling)

City: Motor City to New York City and beyond(stamping passport #2)

1. When I was a kid I daydreamed about....

Being Diana Ross and Madonna smashed together into something called Brea while dancing part-time on SOLID GOLD and perfecting fabulous grilled cheeses for my husband Prince

2. As an adult I daydream about...

Having the legacy of Diana Ross, having Madonna's paper and performing on SNL (eating the perfected grilled cheeses myself)!

3. In my group of friends...

I'm the one who teased everyones bangs on picture day and tweaked everyones outfits before exiting the girls lavatory.

4.When I was a little girl I was told I couldn't...

Take on five husbands like Elizabeth Taylor because I was a little girl (FYI, I'm no longer a little girl)!

5. I broke into my industry...

By accident- I was designing clothes and hustling my pieces while in college. I met a stylist with hopes of her using some of my stuff on her celeb clients. She began to hire me as an assistant, taught me the ropes, the do's and dont's, the good, bad and the ugly of the craft. I became an independent stylist and word of mouth has carried me.

6. Favorite part of what I do:

Is creating a look that my client can own and live up to!!!! its a wonderful feeling, being trusted with the imaging of my clients. It's a huge deal to a part of someone else's dream, while realizing my own!

7.Least favorite part of what I do:

Lugging bags,counting wardrobe cases, and the high expectation from artists' for lots of bags and wardrobe cases with today's declining budgets, YIKES!!!!!!!

8. I admire fashion stylist Mariel Haenn and ME. We are both signed to the same agency, Balan inc!!!

9.Fav brands- I'm really feeling Givenchy and Lanvin for women right now. Tom Ford and Etro for men. Lerok and Desquared do it for me on an affordable level!

10.The moment my hustle pays off will be:

When I present BSTAR in the Bryant Park tents during NYC Fashion Week!

11. My family is proud of me because I dreamed big as kid and I'm living that dream now.

12.Shameless Plug: BSTAR, "barack o. mama" tees and "freelance star" tees available on

Clients include: Raheem DeVaughn, Usher, Electrik Red, D'Angelo(the new project), Superbowl commercial for State Farm featuring Lebron James

Check it out...Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs Pay Tribute to Stephen Sprouse - Polaroids

Model and British "It Girl" Agyness Deyn

Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan - 2 icons

Agyness Deyn and BAG!!!! (that I want very badly...would look great with those shoes I posted...scroll down!!)

Model and TV personality Veronica Webb and Nicola Vassell

Veronica Webb

Model Chanel Iman, Mary Alice Stephenson and Arlenis Sosa (new Dominican model who killed the catwalks at Fashion Week)

Model Agyness Deyn

Partricia Fields.. designer and stylist of Sex and the City gals

Arlenis Sosa


DJ JusSke and Andre Harrell

Kid Cudi performing...WOW..MAJOR look for him!

Debbie Harry peforming

See Jan 1 post to view the collection!!

Lady Gaga on Letterman

Why was I afraid her panythose were gonna slide down the whole time? Interesting performance....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

When is enough ENOUGH

Last night I went to go see Notorious (you saw a post earlier w/ the celebs that attended- and yes it was DOPE) and without saying too much (so you can't say I ruined it for you), there is some reference to the East Coast vs West Coast beef that we could easily say led to the demise of both BIGGIE & PAC. Well as you may remember the press had a field day with the ignorance that was being spewed from artists and more so their goons (the idiots who actually acted on the shit talking) and really glorified and catapulted an issue that Pac had with Biggie into a straight up Coastal Turf war. Well below is an interview Angela Yee, and her guest cohost Joe Budden, did w/ DJ VLAD... watch this and see where i'm going with this....

Here's the last video Joe put up in response to this ongoing bullsh*t!... I'm not mad @ him @ All. B-Day is coming up for anyone who happens to be paying attention...!!

Naturi Naughton talks about playing Lil Kim in Notorious

Lil Wayne on ESPN

Okay I have no clue what they're talking about..forgive me...but this is interesting to watch..because hey, its rare to see Wayne without his Styrofoam cup in hand and basically acting normal. Check out the glasses..and Burberry sweater..getting his intellectual on for his debate I

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Some of the attendees...definitely looking forward to seeing this...

Puff...looking a little sullen...I'm sure this was tough...

Violetta Wallace (B.I.G.'s mother and prodcuer of the film)

Faith Evans and her children

Derek Luke (played Puff) and guest

Jamal Woolard (played BIG) in the movie

Anthony Mackie (played Tupac)


DJ Cassidy

Mary J Blige



Irv Gotti and Ja Rule...not looking too fresh..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LOOOVE this look...Kate Hudson promoting her upcoming movie Bride Wars

she is killing this!!

New Rihanna and Chris Brown...."Bad Girl"

Loves us some Common...he's getting his vloggin on...

Joan Rivers interview in the Sunday New York Times Mag...pretty funny

I found this Joan Rivers interview to be hilarious...for the same reason I like Chelsea Lately...check it out


Published: December 31, 2008

You’ve just published a new book, “Men Are Stupid . . . and They Like Big Boobs,” a detailed and mostly serious guide to eye lifts, tummy tucks and other forms of plastic surgery.

I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware.

You’ve had two face-lifts?
Yes. In 75 years, that’s not bad.

You’ve had your lips plumped?
Yes, of course. About every six months.

Just on the thighs.

Do you think you’re a plastic-surgery addict?
No. I think I’m in a business where you have to look good, and it’s totally youth-oriented.

I prefer the aging bohemian, Georgia O’Keeffe look. That’s more my look. Wrinkles are beautiful.
That’s great if you’re Georgia O’Keeffe and each painting is $5 million and they’re sitting at your feet. But if Georgia O’Keeffe were waiting at a bus stop, nobody wouldhave picked her up. Nobody would have pulled over and said, “Hey, baby, want a lift?”

Don’t you think most of us want to be loved for who we are, as opposed to some artificially enhanced version of ourselves?
That will never happen. Are you out of your mind?

Don’t you think you are lovable?
Let’s see how lovable I’d be if I wasn’t sitting in this penthouse.

What do you think of Barack Obama’s appearance?
I think he should have pinned the ears back years ago. They really annoy me. He represents my country now — pin back the ears!

Hillary Clinton?
She shouldn’t do anything. You want a woman to look a little weathered if they’re going to represent the country. I don’t want a secretary of state in a slit dress or the tongue hanging out.

As a pioneering performer who introduced female angst into stand-up comedy, do you see yourself as an artist?
Oh, God, no. It’s so pretentious to think of yourself in those terms.

Do you give a lot of thought to your creative process?
No. None. Because you cannot teach someone comic timing, as we well know.

What do you think of your comedy spawn, like Sarah Silverman?
I think she’s wonderful. And Kathy Griffin, who just stands there and bitches. I love those two.

And how is your daughter, Melissa?
For a mother and daughter we’re amazing. The only time she really cried is when I sat her down and told her that she was not adopted.

You had a famous rift with her.
Right after my husband’s suicide. Bad rift.

Is it true that you were having liposuction on the day he died?
Yes. Who knew?

That was more than 20 years ago. What is the dating scene like these days?
I just had lunch with an old beau, and it made me very sad.

I don’t know. We’re all so set in our ways. I love my life, except for losing all that money with Ruth and Bernie. I’m pleading with you, please say, “She lost a bundle with Bernie Madoff.”

Did you?
No, but everybody is walking around now saying that, and that shows that you used to be very rich.

With the economy tanking, you will have to cut back on plastic surgery.
No. I’ll just go to doctors that advertise in giveaway papers.

We should mention that you have a second book coming out, a mystery, “Murder at the Academy Awards.”
You can find my book at your favorite bookstore, and if it isn’t there, find a new favorite.

Check out Anthony Mackie..on his role as 2pac

Monday, January 5, 2009

Letter to B.I.G - Jadakiss feat Faith

Mr. Cee blasted this off @ the Hammertstein at the Nas show...all the lighters and phones were up by mid first verse...I don't know about ya'll but I am sooo looking forward to catching Notorius when it comes out...

Letter to B.I.G. - Download here

speaking of Notorius...check out the trailer below -

"Never Ever " Ciara feat Young Jeezy

Listen Here

What's on Your Coffee Table...?

I looked down at my coffee table today as I nibbled on veggies and dip (new me) and I noticed that everything on the table reflected the different sides of me...all so extremely different from eachother but all making me who I am. I always say people would crack up if they got in my car and heard what I was bumpin....and what I'd know all the words to AND on top of that have on full blast. The same with this coffee table...randomness..Vogue piled on top of Bazaar mag..a DJ Drama La The Darkman mixtape (picked it up in's tough), The New York Times mag..from last week (still reading), my berry and a glass of wine...
So...what's on your coffee table right now...shoot us a pic and a little story to go..and we'll post...