Thursday, January 1, 2009


okay I had all of these goals for 09...a lot that had to do with saving money...making responsible choices etc....but it's things like this that just make those lists go right out the window...just terrible. Check out the latest collabo introduced by Marc Jacobs between Louis Vuitton and Steven Sprouse.

Check out more on Steven Sprouse at:


Happy New Year.Bonne Annee.Feliz Ano Nuevo.... NYE was lowkey...didnt want to deal with this (see below)

however we took notice of some of our favs who were out and about and bringing in the new year in true lioness (and lion) style...

Lady Gaga...NYC

Chloe Sevginey...MIA


T.I. ...MIA...looking grrrreat.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

T-Wayne Show, LA

a little late in posting, but in LA before the holidays I checked out the TWayne show...Pain was cool..we ALL knew his records so that was cool...BUT Wayne..did the mufuggin thang! swagger in full effect...he's a's official.

DJ Khaled feat Jay-Z "Go Hard" remix

Click here to Download

Cute Find: All-Weather Fendi Rain/Snowboots