Saturday, June 14, 2008

Check out this Lioness: Lady GAGA

I like Lady Gaga..kinda 80's throwback with it...but still sounds new...
I went to see her perform a few weeks back and she did her thing...

check out her video....yet another by Melina (who's is doing her THING as well!!)

ANOTHER RECORD I REALLY LIKE (more than the 1st single): "Beautiful Dirty Rich"

Beautiful Dirty Rich - Lady GaGa

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Lionesses...and Lil Lionesses love YOUNG STEFF!!

This kid is a problem! How cute is he?? Can't wait to see the video to his single "Professional". He sings and dances his butt off...ladies watch out, fellas watch ya

Here's the record "Professional":

Professional - Young Steff

What should have been the first single "Shawty"...until a certain person leaked it and jumped off his own career....thats the record biz for ya!!


Thursday, June 12, 2008


This blog focuses on the perspective of chicks ("Lionesses") and what we encounter day to day in this JUNGLE! 
But it just wouldn't be complete if we left out the fact that everyday we encounter a whole lot of MEN ("Lions", if you will). We want to talk about those LIONS and why we love them. Usually the ones that call us by our actual names (as opposed to shorty, sexy etc)get points! (Yeah, doesn't take much these days). We also, like LIONS that get their hustle on....and don't just talk it but actually DO IT.
We're gonna highlight a Lion a week. Check out Lion #1:


1. My HUSTLE: Music and the Internet 

2. City I Rep: New York
3. When I was a kid I daydreamed about: Probably sports, BMX bikes & Video games. I had my crew of friends & was always outside politicin'. 

4. As an adult I daydream about: Not having to come into an office everyday. 

5. In my crew, I'm the one who: handles all the conflicts. I tend to be a problem solver by nature. I assume it's the product of being the youngest of five boys. 

6. My family is proud of me because: I try to set a good example for my nieces and nephews. I come from a relatively blue collar family so no one really understands what the hell I do. 

7. The moment my hustle paid off was/will be when: I don't have to come into an office every day. 

8. The best compliment a woman has ever given me: Swallowed.. that's the best compliment a women can pay any man. 

9. Why dudes want to BE you: Because I am not afraid to speak my mind. I might not always be right, but I will get my point across. Yes men are the root of all evil in my book. 

10. Why women want to DO you: Cuz I got me some Bathing Apes!!!  

RANDOM commentary

Now that Alexis and Kanye are no longer an item...I'm confused as to why she is on a red carpet....

Mashonda. Another one who has recently become single...

Always liked Mischa's boho chic look

Mel B is killin them...and her and her man are such a cute couple. I need her workout plan and diet in my life pronto.

Michele...please look into that stylist...and also into some nourishment

Damage Control: DJ Envy and Jermaine Dupri

NEEEEW ISHHH: "Stepped on My J's" Nelly feat Jermaine Dupri and Ciara

What's up with Nelly and his free commercials? first it was Air Force 1's now it's Jordan's...I hope he's getting somethin other than free kicks in return for his jingles! Nonetheless...he is lookin scrumptious in this vid. Ashanti.. watch that...
Ciara is killin them in this as well...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

RANDOM commentary

M.I.A looks boo'd up. Are her and Benjamin Brewer an item??...I have a feeling I'm late on that one. The bigger question is, is it me, or does he look like Lionel Richie??

And here's the answer to my first question:

The performer [M.I.A.] became engaged last week to Benjamin Brewer, the son of Warner Music Group Chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr., according to sources close to the singer. Brewer is a guitarist for New York alt-rock band The Exit, whose biggest claim to fame might be having the song Susan appear on the American Pie 2 soundtrack. It is not known if the couple has set a wedding date or location.

Teyana Taylor - Guess the music at the event wasn't quite doing it for her.

Nina Sky and Michele Williams...
2 things..
1. Nice shoes Nat!!
2. someone get Michele a stylist! or a new one if she already has one!!

Um interesting outfit you have on there Poppa Knowles...

NEW MUSIC!! MARIAH CAREY: "Bye Bye" (remix) feat. Akon and Lil Wayne

Bye Bye ft lil wayne akon-bye bye remix xclusiveszone[1] - Mariah Carey

Thanks to Xclusives for this one!!

The Harm in Keeping Score!!!

Theres a lot of randomness on this blog...but it reflects all of the information, thoughts etc that fly through our brains everyday.

So, Lately I've been having a similar conversation with a few different people, discussing people's many "faces" and how people expose those faces to you depending on what you can and can't do for them. If you can help someone they are suddenly your new BFF! but if you need someone's help on something...well...its crickets from that very same person. Not even trying to be slick with it.
As my good friend Tosh recently have to stop keeping score. You have to let that go. Even though it may SEEM like someone SHOULD do something for you, because they're your peoples and you would (of course) do this for them...don't think that that's what they are thinking. You can only speak for don't even attempt to speak on anyone else's behalf. Once you let that idea go of what SHOULD be..and focus on what IS, you will feel much lighter and you'll realize in the end, there's a reason why you needed to see this about that person anyway.
People talk about the fakeness, the hollywoodness the phoniness, the opportunist out there...all the time...but know that this has always existed..and it's not going anywhere. Don't let that inform how YOU move and operate!
Stop keeping score...!!! You will be a bitter person and and bitter is never a good look! It's just not very becoming....!

If you are in NY...NINA SKY DJing

The beautiful ladies of NINA SKY will be rockin along w/ some friends

Sunday, June 8, 2008

CLASSIC MATERIAL: AL it was yesterday

He is one of my favorites of all time!!! I came across this live performance....sounds just like the recordings..

He will be releasing a new album through Blue Note produced by Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson of the Legendary Roots Crew...

Yves Saint Laurent Passes Away

We are a little late with this one, but you might already know that Yves Saint Laurent passed on June 1 in his Paris home as a result of a brain tumor. He was a fashion designer who created a brand that represented elegence and that celebrated the female form. He will be missed, but his legacy will love on!

A quote of his:

“I hate bourgeois women. I hate their spirit, their intransigence, their taste, too. They dress in such a boring way.

“My woman is a real woman. She is not an Amazon, not a Barbarella, not a cosmonaut. It’s a woman often in black, because I love black. I think that a white page is very boring. Without black, there is no line. “

He was ahead of his time.

Here is a piece on Yves Saint Laurent.