Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Game, Lil Wayne, Plies....who gets your vote??



"BIG DREAMS" Game prod by Cool and Dre...
THIS RECORD IS FIRE!! SHOULD've been the first official single!

Big Dreams - The Game


"A Millie" Lil Wayne

A Millie - Lil Wayne


"Bust It BABY" Plies feat Ne-Yo

Bust It Baby Part 2 [Feat. Ne-yo] - Plies

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MIGUEL "Sure Shot" My new fav song


This has been out for a minute...but I can't get enough!!!

Sure Thing - Miguel

The Curve Report #1: Let's talk about SPANX! (Lionesses need to breathe too!!)

This doesn't mean I've given up...I still try to get my crunch on..but when I'm rockin certain outfits (very fitted, body conscious ones)...a chick needs to breathe. I want to look cute, but I want to enjoy myself, eat, drink and engage in conversation and not be worried about whether my tummy is poking out. So...yes I'll admit..I have turned to SPANX on a few occasions. In addition, if you happen to have some junk in the also helps regulate that situation...minimizing the amount of jiggle and booty clapping that tends to take place in certain outfits. So all in all....women..we may be hesitant to embrace these types of undergarments because we think that we are giving up on achieving that toned physique we want...but just see it as a way to increase your wardrobe options....while we are still working on getting that bikini bod!


Friday, May 30, 2008

An Intro in 7 Questions: Lioness #3

Name: La Nova

Stats: Late twenties, NYC, and I just found out I can't wear Jordans no mo'. I stood in front of the sneaker store mirror for about a half-hour with one foot in a black J-Five/AF1 Fusion, the other in my neutral ballet flat and, thinking about how I normally look at 45 year-old dudes who wear matching jerseys and fitteds, realized that the shoe (as it were) was finally on the other foot. You just can't do J's anymore when you're about to hit the 3-0. I gathered my stones and crept quietly out of the glass house.

Guilty Pleasures: Jamie Foxx’s radio show, pointy-toed skimmers (especially ones I can’t afford), trashée novels, “I Love New York,” condensed milk, Vanity Fair, Eli from the Class of 2005, the Cha-Cha slide, quoting from "Lean on Me"

Wish I Could Have Created/Done It: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wow, Tom Ford’s era at Gucci, "The Rite of Spring," almost anything by Ricky Gervais or Christopher Guest, the Black Album, "The Wire," McDonald’s French fries, “The Twilight Zone,” Pride & Prejudice (both the novel and BBC miniseries), Studio 54 in its heyday

Interests: Literature, fashion, film/TV, food, art, music, travel, sports, politics, design, world events, comedy, pop culture, the Web, bad TV, good TV, getting a plasma TV, finding a suitable career that allows me to indulge in all of these

What I really, really want: a hot pair of black leather platform sandals, the next books in the “Outlander” and “Eragon” series, a work by Kara Walker, one of those abstract Marni necklaces, new upstairs neighbors, a cheeseburger from the Galway Hooker, the next season of “The Office,” to learn to surf

Personal Sign that the Apocalypse is Near: Grudging respect for Lil Wayne after viewing this:


Thursday, May 29, 2008

ok ok.. last one!!!!

SO SICK!!!!! GIVENCHY is no joke on this amazing gladiator. Almost $1,000 so there better be real gold on the buckle and laces and maybe one or two diamonds on the heel.

why not, one more for the team

Since posting it is the closest thing to me purchasing it.. here's one more drool worthy shoe...Not so much on the color though. Go DIOR.

In Honor of SEX IN THE CITY - my new obsession.

Lil Wayne...

His album drops June 10th.. same day as Plies & The Game. I can't lie, i'm actually looking forward to hearing what Wayne has on Carter 3. So far everything that has been released has been pretty good (lollipop for radio, a milli for the "streets" and the new Tpain joint for clubs). BUT this dude really needs to lay off the drugs.. he recently did an interview w/ Foundation magazine (i have never heard of it in my life) but all the hiphop sites are airing the intervew where he says "F*ck mixtape djs" and lost his little mind. Clearly this dude was high when he did the interview because most of Wayne's fame has come from features and mixtapes. He's lame and its pissing me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

check out these Lionesses...NEW EXCLUSIVE MUSIC FROM RICHGIRL!!!!

Richgirl is producer/songwiter Rich Harrison's (Beyonce "Crazy in Love", Amerie "One Thing", J-Lo "Get Right", Destiny Child's "Soldier" and many more) girl group which he has signed to his label Richcraft Records through Jive Records. Check them out!!! Told you I'd have that exclusive ish..! hmmmm....dont worry about where I got it..just enjoy!


24 Inches - Richgirl

NOTHING BETTER THAN A LITTLE SEX...IN THE CITY!! Tomorrow's the Big Day We've All Been Waiting on Ladies!!!!!

If you had access to the screening...more power to you...but other folks (incl myself) will be in the the thick of the madness tomorrow as Sex in The City Opens up in theaters. Hopefully it will live up to the HYPE! I'm prepared to drool over the fashion..and to MISS my city! Love these ladies!!...will let you know how it all goes...

Is Rachel Ray a Hipster? or Terrorist? We're so confused


I can hear it now! Put something on her that the kids are wearing!! These scarves have become so mainstream..the potential for controversey went overlooked! I highly doubt this was about being a Palestinian sympathizer...but moreso abut being "hip" and "trendy"!! Just crazy that between the producers, stylist, agents, camera crew and Dunkin Donuts team (those that approved), not one person caught this!! Perfect example of when the clueless are in charge.

Allow me to INTROduce myself.

Oh My... the pressure of a first post. This very post is the beginning of a whole lot of folks being ALL UP IN MY here it goes... welcome to my world!!!  I am the friend left behind, the one who is still in the NYC with the "toothless dude" on the street and the "dead corpse" smelling blocks ( if you don't know what i'm talking about please refer to the lead Lioness' first post). I am also the one who will be typing my posts the same way I write in my blackberry, with the lower case "i" instead of the proper "I" and with a whole lot of "..." and all the great grammar issues of the world. I'm not writing research papers so don't expect it to look like one.   To the point: I live in money making manhattan, the land of people who find their happiness in making money and flexing their power and put all else second. I work in the music business (an entire post in itself) and have some amazing stories to share, some fun stories to share and a few depressing ones. I get to hear hot music first, see many shows and deal with lunatic artists on the side. I also do a radio show (wont tell you when or where) and can share some behind the scenes facts.  Soooooo although I haven't made a serious MOVE (across the country) in the past year i make mini moves every day in this coocoo city. I'll keep you posted on all the fun times.  HOLLLLLLERRRRR

Lioness in the Concrete (Palm Tree) Jungle!!!

So, I'm out on the westsiiiide by way of the east side...literally went from Harlem to Hollywood. Then Puff followed. I guess we were in the same "place" in our lives and didn't even know it. Both of us were ready to embark on something new....and ready to take in new scenery (scenes) and people and ready to try new things. He came out with a BANG! A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...BAM!!! I'm here..NOW WHAT!!??

I didnt quite get THAT welcome out here..(the camera's went off when it was my turn to to step up to the podium...hate when that happens!)Gotta get my publicists on their jobs!! well maybe I should start by getting a mean..I AM in Hollywood now! lol

And I...well I came out...hoping that my furniture and car would all make it here in one piece..with no headache and drama!!!so yeah folks I'm here...Which city do I like more?? that's what they keep asking me. I's 2 different animals. Can't really compare. Apples and oranges...ya know. New York is my first love, but right now we're not on the best terms. I needed a break....started to be more of a love/ hate thing. I mean...the grind, the hustle and definitely drives you and motivates you...but ugh..does it have to smell like a dead corpse every time I walk by that alley on the way to the station in the AM? that alley that I'd be afraid to look down for too long for fear I'd see something traumatizing!! do I have to get the "greeting" by the toothless dude on the corner...who I guess you can say "approves" my outfit in the morning? Do I have to get knocked over and then knock someone ELSE over just to get on the train?? Then when I'm on the train, I have to decide on whether I want to curse out the nasty guy staring at me making faces, or just avoid his gaze until I get to my stop. All I really want to do is just get to the office. All of this...and I haven't dealt with one office related issue YET!!! So..yeah folks..that's a taste of what New York was becoming to me before I left...the negative day to day stuff was starting to overshadow the good! That's when it's time for Obama says. And boy did change come when I accepted a great job offer. It had a lot of what I was looking for in my next gig AND taking it would mean moving my LIFE to the westiiiiide...and so...I was OOOOUT! it u all, but Peace out folks!However, in the process....I left some good friends...some really FLY, intelligent, dope chicks in NY. All dope in their own ways..whether its their intelligence, personality, taste, swagger...whatever. I realize that though I'm not there...we're connected by these things....and I just took the hustle, bustle and focus and brought it to LA....The point of this blog is for us women...from coast to give you a little insight about what our day to day is our worlds, as we pursue our careers, dreams etc. Lionesses navigating their way in the concrete (or palm tree..Hollywood) jungle. Sometimes..I may want to tell you what I learned from an experience I've know some deep ISH!!..or..I may want to talk about some new fly ass shoes I folks...I will introduce the dream team to ya....stay TUNED!!
OH YEAH..the JOB is in the music there will be some inside info...and exclusive stuff on this....I figured I should mention that!