Saturday, January 31, 2009

Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire gets flyer and flyer with each award...

at the Golden Globes...

SAG Awards..

getting better..Producer Guild Awards

and most recently at the DGA Awards...

The latest from Mick Boogie... 2009 Remix Mixtape

Download here!

1) Adele f/ 6th Sense: Chasing Grammys (6th Sense Remix)
2) Coldplay f/ Jay-Z: Take The Hill (Terry Urban/nVMe Remix)
3) MIA f/ Nas: Paper Planes (Terry Urban Remix)
4) Lil Wayne f/ Kanye West: Lollipop (Kickdrums Remix)
5) Adele: Cold Shoulder (Mick Boogie/Garbs Remix)
6) Radiohead f/ Lupe: Reckon A Superstar (Remot/Mick Boogie Remix)
7) Kenna f/ Kanye West & Lupe: Say Goodbye To Sky (Terry Urban Mix)
8) Jonas Brothers: Love Bug (Mick Boogie/Garbs Remix)
9) Kanye West f/ MIA: Swagger Like Paper (Mick Boogie Remix)
10) Coldplay f/ Lil Wayne: Viva La Milli (Terry Urban Remix)
11) Katy Perry: I Kissed A Girl (Excel Remix)
12) John Mayer f/ Jay-Z: Say (Terry Urban/Judah Remix)
13) Brazilian Girls: Last Call (Discopusher Remix)
14) Lupe Fiasco f/ Sara Bareilles: I Got A Love Song (Remot Remix)
15) Kanye West f/ Big Sean: Good Morning (Kickdrums Remix)
16) Adele: Make You Feel My Love (Mick Boogie/Remot Remix)
17) Coldplay f/ Jay-Z: Lost Part 2 (Mick Boogie Remix)

50 Goin @ Rick

Calvin Klein...does it again

Here's the new CK ad, and the accompanying commercial was shot by legendary fashion photog Steven Meisel and features grainy footage of male and female models looking like they are orgying it up.

International countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Germany will show the uncensored version. Calvin Klein is working on an edited version to show here in the U.S. since theyre not trying to hear all that out here.

A print campaign of still shots from the commercial will hit March issues of the glossies.

Sony Marketing Gimmick Planned for Fashion Week

During Fashion Week, Sony will send models and dancers to the tents and caf├ęs in hipster neighborhoods with little Vaio laptops. They'll spend five to seven hours a day walking around New York, making robotic movements, and checking their Facebook pages in various locales, wearing spring 2009 designs by designers like Elise Overland and Cushnie et Ochs. Sony isn't worried about them being cold, though. “They’re going to be inside” most of the time, a Sony rep noted.

Rizzoli is doing a book on Kanye

Apparently Rizzoli has a book in the works about Kanye West, tentatively scheduled for an October 2009 release. Kanye West: Glow in the Dark will chronicle Kanye's journeys around the world as he tours and hits up fashion parties. Photographer Nabil Elderkin also captured him shopping in Asian malls. The book will come with a USB drive of previously unreleased music and will cost $50. A steal, really. The release party might coincide with Paris Fashion Week. So we guess New York Fashion Week isn't good enough for him. Dash our dreams, why don't you.
(courtesy of The New Yorker- The Cut)

Ciara feat. Jeezy "Never Ever"

She looks great and can dance her a*s off but she's a Janet + Aaliyah rip off. ugh.

Young Steff "SLow Jukin"

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Listen Here!

love this record...

Lil Wayne - "Around The Way Girl" (2009)

"Around The Way Girl"


M.I.A. on the Tavis Smiley Show

I always wince when I listen to Tavis crack jokes during his interviews, but anyway here it is...
she's nominated for a Grammy and Oscar this year...preettty big things..

Friday, January 30, 2009

New CiCi & Chris Breezy

Ciara's new joint feat. Chris Brown "Turn me on" (did they mean to leak this????)


Cheers to Taraji P.Henson

In honor of her Oscar nod, Taraji and some homies had a nice celebratory dinner... Tyrese, Chaka (DTP), Nia Long, John Singleton, Sanaa Lathan & maybe some others in the cut.

Rihanna @ VH1's Pepsi Smash

Check out Rihanna's ensemble for the VH1 Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Kick off party... thoughts? Pairing Louboutins w/ protective gear lol.

Vibe, WHAT IS UP?!?!

Keyshia Cole is on the cover of Vibe "The Style Issue" but what is up w/ the photos these folks are picking! Are you telling me that she had no better images out of the whole shoot?

May be a lil different but....

For some reason i'm really diggin this song! Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat "Lucky" .... the lyrics maybe?

Some morning cuteness

Lil kid singing Hey JUDE (orig by The Beatles)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ryan Leslie "How Was It Supposed To Be"

Love this song. His album comes out Feb 10th. Support. He shot 3 videos for the single... I still have to find #3.

Video 1

Video 2

How It Was Supposed To Be (Military Version) from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Pics from the Afro Samurai launch party

Yesterday (1/27) was the the Launch Party For "Afro Samurai" For Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 @ Geisha House in Hollywood.

New Louis Vuitton bag

Yey or Ney?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kanye's New 'Do Reminds me of....

Remember Alfonso Ribiero as mini Michael??

and remember Turbo in Breakin?? ( away my age again!!)

Ok some folks have entertained rocking flat tops...but if they go here with the hairdos we are in trouble!!

Lion of the Week: DJ Green Lantern!

Name: Dj Green Lantern

Hustle: Dj/Producer

City: NYC(via Rochester)

1. When I was a kid I daydreamed about.... Being a drummer

2. As an adult I daydream about... Vacations that never happen

3. In my group of friends I'm the one who...
Overanalyzes everything

4. When I was growing up I was told that I couldn't________ but did it anyway.
Make it out of Rochester

5. How did you break into your industry?
Met opportunity with creativity and was prepared to perform

6. Favorite part of what you do? Not having to wake up at a certain time to go to a job..I take that for granted mostly but that's really what it is

7. Least favorite part of what you do?

Dealing with people who don't love the music ,just the money..send them to Iraq now please

8. Who do you admire in your field?

Funkmaster Flex for longevity and enterprising hustle.. Jay-z for loving his craft(rapping) waaay after he needed to business wise...
Nas for never giving in to the pressure of big business over artistry...Kanye for taking incredibly huge risks with his career and not caring what people think AT ALL..

9. My top five favorite artists/producers are.... Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Dre, Premo

10. Moment when your hustle paid off was/will be when...When I can stop traveling so much and still be able to support a family and lifestyle...(new goal)

11. My family is proud of me because...I travel the world like my Dad always wanted me to but couldn't see me do before he passed

12. One thing no one knows about me is.... Memphis Bleek taught me how to use 2006...waaay after I should have known how to use

13. Shameless plug (what do you want the world to know):

Look out for Future Green, Ent...I'm bringing some quality exciting music that I think you'll like..

Check out more from Green Lantern here: Click here for more on Green Lantern

Ron Browz Vid: "Jumpin Out the Window"

Check it out...

New Cute Line I came across...Stephaniemark

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOOOVE accessories and I love animal print. So this line was RIGHT up my alley. These bags definitely spruce up any basic outfit and will always make a statement. I love the direction and overall aesthetic of this line. I'm sure there is more to come from this talented new designer. You can purchase at the following site:

Click HERE to Purchase and see More!!

Jay-Z leak...When The Money Goes.....


New section: The LOL REPORT

I come across Sh*T everyday that deserves a good old "LOL" so here it goes.. the launch of my LOL REPORT.

Backstreet Boys trying to look cool again... sorry guys you haven't aged well. Well mostly AJ.

Best Job In the World?

This is unreal.. Im quitting and i'm out of here!!!!! To see what i'm talking about
click here

The cuteness that is the Jolie- Pitts

Vivienne on top, Knox below.

The TING TINGS- better late than never


THAT's Not My Name!

Behind the Scenes- Nina Sky BLENDER SHOOT

New Chrisette Michele

Check out Chrisette Michele's new single... I really loved her first album. What do you think of this joint? I think it needs to grow on me a bit.


Monday, January 26, 2009

ummm really Kanye?

I'm a Kanye fan and I actually know him personally so dont take this as hate but reallllly when is it just GOING TOOOOO FAR???
I wont even post the video he posted on his blog you can just go there for that lol... Kanye's page

Awards season is IN MOTION

This Sunday's SAG awards brought out some HOT (and not so hot) gowns... let me know which ones you dig!