Monday, April 6, 2009

Bravo's 2nd Annual A-List Awards....our fav reality folks...

Kardashian sisters..looking like a girl group with the matching ensembles..

ATL Housewives cast should've maybe thought to do the same as the Kardashians and coordinated..they look like a trainwreck. Why does Lisa always pile so much makeup on her face, when she's naturally really actually makes her look worse...but whatevs...Sheree is killing me trying to get her "I'm fierce and everyone wants to be me" pose on...too funny.

Trainwreck #2...the Orange County Housewives must have thought it was a pageant for women 40 and up..

Of course Bethany and the beeyotch are on oppostie sides. Team Bethany!!

Tila Tequila

my favorite! Chelsea Lately!

Kendra from Girl's Next Door...trying to step it up and look fashion forward, not mad...

Padma Lakshmi...gorgeous as usual..

Tyson Beckford

Kelly Rowland looking random..

Aubrey...trying to stay relevant...

the nights host...Kathy Griffin

Last but not least, the queen of being famous for no reason at all..Paris Hilton....

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